About Us

What is a Pediatric Dental Specialist?

Pediatric dentistry is the specialty of dentistry that focuses on the oral health and unique needs of young people. Not all children's dentists are specialists. Pediatric dentists are the pediatricians of dentistry. After completing a four-year dental school curriculum, two to three additional years of rigorous training is required to become a pediatric dental specialist. Our specialized education consists of child psychology, growth and development, management of oral-facial trauma, sedation and general anesthesia. This specialized program of study and hands-on experience prepares pediatric dentists to meet the unique needs of your infants, children and adolescents, including persons with special health care needs.

Staff Members

  • Paula France - Registered Dental Assistant, Expanded Functions
  • Bri Bahner - Registered Dental Assistant
  • Jenni Franco - Registered Dental Assistant
  • Taylor Johnson - Registered Dental Assistant
  • Tiffany Eaton - Registered Dental Assistant
  • Tonya Ivanina - Registered Dental Assistant
  • Gretchen Katz - Registered Dental Assistant
  • Lori Redden - Front Office Coordinator,Registered Dental Assistant